Kiwi made film 'Gary of the Pacific' just dropped this hilarious trailer

Publish Date
Thursday, 19 January 2017, 2:10PM

The Pacific Island equivalent of Hunt for the Wilderpeople is due for release in a couple months and the first trailer has just dropped and it is hilarious. Starring 7 Days funny man Josh Thomson and our own Dave Fane!

Thomson plays real-estate agent Gary Vasisi, who is called back to his homeland in the Pacific and handed a great opportunity - the chance to take his dying father’s crown and become Chief of an island that is rapidly sinking into the ocean.

With a treasury and a tropical paradise to his name, Gary hopes to give his girlfriend Chloe the wedding she wants and finally attain the success he’s yearned for. Even if it is at the expense of his people.

Gary of the Pacific is in cinemas March 16.