KFC has introduced a secret 'nugget burger' and it looks AMAZING!

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Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 3:26PM
Photo / KFC Australia

Photo / KFC Australia

KFC has reportedly added a new burger to it's 'secret menu' and we're so excited for this one. 

7 NEWS in Australia report that the burger is called 'The Nug-A-Lot' has been added to the secret menu. The burger is apparently basically a chicken nugget burger. '

KFC has a secret burger filled with chicken nuggets.

Photo / KFC


Spotted by Whirlpool user 'hastyusername', it was described as "basically a fillet burger with nuggets, cheese and supercharged" sauce and available in a meal for $8.95.

The secret menu is accessed via the KFC app in Australia.

We're not sure whether this burger is available in New Zealand, but it would DEFINITELY be worth a try to get your hands on one.