iPhone emoji message prank crashes phones with a single text

Publish Date
Thursday, 19 January 2017, 11:50AM

Hackers and pranksters all around rejoice, for what we are about to tell you is of ideal 'P*** someone off' status!

The NZ Herald three character-long text message can temporarily disable iPhones, a hacker has shown.

On receiving the message, iPhones instantly freeze for around a minute, and sometimes users are forced to restart. Besides blocking the number that the malicious messages come from the victim has no way of preventing the attack, although its effects are temporary and do not work on the most recent version of iOS.

The bug is the latest in a series of strange text message vulnerabilities that have affected iPhones in recent years.

The offending message appears to contain just three characters - a white flag emoji, a "0" and a rainbow emoji.

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