Here's what life looks like under Alert Level 2

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Thursday, 7 May 2020, 8:27PM
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New Zealand has recorded 1,504 cases of coronavirus with no new cases in the latest announcement,.
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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has given an overview of what life under Alert Level 2 looks like for Kiwis:

Life under Alert Level 2

  • The principle behind Level 2 is to "play it safe".
  • Public health measures remain the same if you are sick stay home.
  • If you have symptoms get a test.
  • Reduce close contact with strangers.
  • Physical distancing of one metre outside the home (including on public transport).
  • Continuation of high hygiene standards.

Key difference from Level 3

  • You can see friends and family again, you no longer need to stick to your bubble but keep the numbers small.


  • Business can restart for staff and customers.
  • Good hygiene practises must be in place.
  • Have a conversation with your employer about staggered start times, alternative hours or working from home if possible.
  • Malls will reopen but with a limited number of people able to enter, similar to supermarkets.
  • Hairdressers and beauticians can reopen but must use appropriate PPE gear.
  • Cafes, restaurants or bar can reopen but must have no more than 100 people and follow the three 'S's: Seated - every patron must be seated, Separated - social distancing within the venue, Single server - table service only with one person.
  • If businesses are unable to do this they will be shut down.


  • Children are allowed schools and early learning.
  • Tertiary learning may also reopen.
  • Distance learning will continue if needed.
  • Keep children at home even if they are even slightly sick.


  • Border measures remain unchanged from Alert Level 3.
  • People are allowed to travel domestically around the country.
  • Social distance on public transport and airports must be put in place.

Recreations and sport

  • Gyms and swimming pools may reopen.
  • Professional sport may resume domestically.
  • Museums and markets can also reopen but social distancing must be put in place.
  • Both Indoor and Outdoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of 100 people.

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