Here's how much weight you lose when you poo...

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 12:28PM


Your new year's resolution may have included shedding a few kilos, and you may have started eating healthier and working out, but have you considered a more natural method?

When you drop the kids off at the pool, you are obviously shedding some matter in the form of faeces, but how much does it actually weigh?

Now, more conventional methods will almost always be more effective in losing weight, but if you don't feel like working the treadmill for a couple of hours, why not work up a sweat a different way?


You won't be dropping kilos every trip, but as long as you set your goals very low, you'll be achieving them in no time.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have concluded that each time you defecate you'll be shedding up to 750 grams.

This isn't a life-changing amount of weight, the type that you'd read about in a trashy magazine, but it's still something.

If your diet is higher in fibre than the majority of the population you can even lose one and a half kgs each time, but you'd have to be eating a lot of cereal to achieve these numbers.

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The moral of the story is; when you poo you do lose weight, but if you're looking at shedding some serious weight a gym membership might do you more good.