Here are the most dangerous sex positions!

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Thursday, 7 June 2018, 11:37AM


The most dangerous sex position has been revealed, we have to say we are rather surprised at the results, this is not what we expected.

Sex can be pretty dangerous and for all you males out there it's even worse for you! Believe it or not, the most dangerous and common sex injury is fracturing/breaking your d*ck - and according to The Daily Star.

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They also researched into the most dangerous sex positions that would most likely result in breaking your penis in comparison to other sex positions. 


This is the #1 most dangerous sex position!

Although it is also one of the most common ones, so be careful ladies!

Research says this position is responsible for 50 of all penis fractures because it is being "worked harder" in the position, putting it at a greater risk of danger.

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If you're like us and thinking wtf is this one, it's probably a good thing you don't know about it because it's a pretty dangerous one too. 

If you're going to try this one well, be careful of your back and also, make sure you don't drop your partner!

Basically, it's when the guy holds the girl whilst standing up. Her legs are wrapped around his waist... 


Responsible for 29 of all penis fractures... this is one of the worlds most common positions.

Because it's so popular, we aren't surprised the percentage is so high.

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I hope you've been practising your yoga because this both looks uncomfortable.

If you're unfamiliar with this one, the girl is on top and like the name, leans back! This being the dangerous part as it is unnatural for the penis to stretch back that far.

The worst part is that it can even lead to PERMANENT "curvature" when you get an erection.

Be careful out there!