Guy gives honest letter as to why he can't come in to work

Publish Date
Wednesday, 1 February 2017, 12:20PM

This has to be one of the best open and honest letters explaining why someone isn't showing up for work. 

If you're anything like the average Jo, then you know may be familiar with of the sickie excuses under the sun; 24 hour bug, family emergency, deceased pet, broken down car. Most of which are either true or, more times than not, complete LIES!

However, for Blake Pendlebury, he was completely honest about his reason for skipping work, in fact he made an open Facebook post so that all his customers knew why he was skipping work:

Pendlebury, who owns Gaslight Pizza in Queensland, Australia was forgiven by his faithful and loyal customers, some congratulating the owner and others excited for when he gets back.