Guy gets savagely roasted for his DISGUSTING comments on this girls photo

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017, 5:49PM
Photo / NZ Herald

Photo / NZ Herald

A Florida teen has an army of internet friends coming to her defence after her boyfriend - now ex-boyfriend - responded to her flirty text by criticising her body.

Katie Testa posted the offensive exchange with her former beau, Matt, on Twitter this month, and hundreds of thousands of strangers have lent their support, telling her she's better without him.

Speaking to Daily Mail Online, the 19-year-old said that the incident helped her realise she didn't deserve someone who spoke to her that way.

Photo / NZ Herald

She sent the same photo to her 20-year-old boyfriend Matt, whom she had been dating for five months. But rather than being excited or flattered, Matt expressed some unhappiness.

Katie then pressed him to explain what was wrong, texting him: "Tell me. Matt."

Photo / NZ Herald

That's when he responded with a critical text that have led many on Twitter to say that he doesn't deserve Katie.

"You have cellulite on your legs and I hate it and stomach isn't how I like," he wrote. "It's bothered me since I've asked you out. I'm sorry, now I feel like an a**hole."

Without missing a beat, Katie fired back, "Good cuz you are", before saying goodbye. She captioned the screengrab on Twitter with the send-off: 'Boy bye."

Since Katie posted the exchange, it's been liked over 275,000 times and retweeted 50,000 times, and she's had thousands of replies. Many pointed out that Katie's is beautiful and her figure is flawless, while some even tracked down his picture to comment that he's not exactly a catch.

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