Coca-Cola have released a drink just for New Zealand!

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Thursday, 26 October 2017, 9:35AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Coca-Cola first launched Coca-Cola Raspberry in 2006, but it is bringing it back for summer.

Coca-Cola Raspberry, which has 25 percent less sugar than regular Coca-Cola, will be available in stores from next month, exclusive to New Zealand.

The new drink with a hint of raspberry was developed specifically for Kiwis, said Karen Thompson, head of communications for Coca-Cola Oceania.

"When we launched Coca-Cola No Sugar a few months ago, when we were teasing the campaign that we had a new product coming, a lot of the response was saying 'Oh are you launching Coke Raspberry', so we realised it was something that Kiwis had an infinity with," Thompson said.

"We realised that it was something iconic amongst New Zealanders so we said 'Well, why don't we?'."

Last summer Coca-Cola released Coke with a twist of ginger.

Thompson said the company would be releasing new products next year.

"Kiwis' taste profiles are changing quite a lot so not only do people want less sugar in their beverages, they are also looking for products with natural ingredients in them," she said.


Coca-Cola Raspberry will be released on 1 November and will only be available throughout summer.

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