Cash me ousside girl can be caught on a new hip hop video

Publish Date
Sunday, 12 February 2017, 1:17PM

This girl is the gift that just keeps on giving! You can now cash her on a new music video, making it rain with some hideous long nails!

When we opened the box of Cash me ousside, little did we realise what we were about to release to the world. Danielle Brigoli shot to international/meme fame after her appearance on Dr Phil, where she gifted the world with the catch phrase "Cash me ousside, how bout dah!". Since then she's been all over social media, the internet and more. 

It was only last week that she was filmed fighting on plane and now she's the lead star in Kodak Blacks video for Everything 1K. Now we're not even sure what the future now holds for Brigoli, but be sure that this won't be the last time we "cash" her!