Cardi B responds to Girl Scout's 'Money' parody

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Thursday, 7 February 2019, 12:59PM
Getty Images & Twitter - @GirlScouts

Getty Images & Twitter - @GirlScouts

Cardi B has responded to an American Girl Scout who parodied her song 'Money' in order to help sell her Girl Scout cookies. 

Kiki Paschall from California made the parody in order to help her make money for her Girl Scout troop but has gone viral on the internet for her hilarious version of the song. 

The remix parody has some pretty mean lyics, including: "I got girls in my troop / cookies to my roof / Money!"

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But then Cardi B took everyone by surprise by retweeting Kiki's video and captioning it "I want all the cookieshhh".

Kiki's mother responded to Cardi's surprising response saying that it would be like it's Christmas Day for Kiki when she woke up. 

Too cute!