Can you spot this mum's embarrassing mistake?!

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Tuesday, 16 October 2018, 4:25PM
Photo / Twitter

Photo / Twitter


A mother in the UK has made a bit of an awkward mistake when trying to sell her wardrobe online. 

Sophie Eke, a British Twitter user posted to her account saying that her mother had been told by a lady that her boobs were visible in the photo of the wardrobe.  

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It turns out that her mother, Julie had taken a snap of the furniture while topless, and been caught in the mirror on the wall directly in front of her. 

Her tweet about the awkward 'tit pic' has now gone viral, with 89,000 likes and 24,000 retweets with tweeters cracking up at the post. 

Julie only realised something was wrong when a potential buyer sent her a message to let her know about the mishap. "I don't mean to sound rude - the photo you uploaded of the wardrobes, I'm unsure if it's what I think but it seems that there are some boobs in the mirror. Sorry, but just wanted to let you know." 

All we can say is that we're glad it's not us - or our mother's for that matter!