Auckland's filthiest food joints revealed

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Saturday, 23 June 2018, 9:34AM


Going out for dinner tonight? This might change your mind.

Some of Auckland's filthiest eateries have been revealed in the latest round of inspections by Auckland Council officials.

Seventy food joints have been earmarked as needing marked improvements because of poor food handling practices, pest control issues and unsatisfactory cleaning, among other reasons.

After inspections which took place between January and May, a total of 28 places around the city received an E grade, which deems them to be a "critical risk" and must close until issues are fixed.

Photo / Auckland Council

The remaining 42 food establishments received a D grade.

Those can stay open for business while they address the reason for the poor rating and will be inspected again within two months of the grading.

Some, upon re-inspection, were able to improve their grade.

Photos of some of what inspectors faced show scum-ridden tabletops, cockroach infested floors and mould and grease running up walls and counters.

Others show truly stomach-churning scenes; including boxes covered in mould with rotting ingredients inside, insects inside bags of rice and pieces of meat wrapped in plastic sitting in buckets of blood outside.

In that particular photo, a large bottle labelled "bleach" can be seen just to the side of it.

The establishments range from bakeries, cafes and catering businesses to restaurants and popular eateries in downtown Auckland.


- Wairau Foods and Spices, Glenfield
- Topwell Bakery, Avondale
- Chomna Thai, Auckland Central
- Jade Town Uighur Cuisine, Balmoral
- Food 4 Less, Otāhuhu
- Shivas Curry House & Pacific Food Hall, Henderson
- Noodle Canteen, Auckland Central
- Jiale Bun Shop, Northcote
- The Chicken Station, Auckland Central
- McKinnon Bakehouse, Mt Roskill
- Duan Supermarket Central, Mt Eden
- Saversupermarket, Manukau
- New Flavour Restaurant, Auckland CBD
- Saffron Foods, Henderson 
- Royal Heights Takeaways, Massey
- The Fresh, Auckland Central
- Kebab Grillers, Newton
- Momoyama Sushi, Manukau
- Tai Ping Supermarket, Pakuranga Heights
- Malaysian Recipes, North Shore
- Windmill Bakery, Māngere East
- Dumpling Restaurant and Yummy Wok T, Stanmore Bay (has since improved to a C grade)
- Mithaiwala, Newton (has since improved to a B grade)
- Fort Street Union, Auckland CBD (has since improved to a B grade)
- Hengkee Foods & Takeaway, Auckland Central (has since improved to a B grade)
- Chawlas Indian Restaurant, Manukau (has since improved to an A grade)
- Samwoo Vietnamese Cafe, Otāhuhu (has since improved to an A grade)
- Dos Amigos, Mission Bay (has since improved to an A grade)


- Van Lam Takeaways, Mt Wellington (has since gone from a D rating to an E rating)
- Golden Ye Takeaways, Birkdale
- VNT Bakery & Lunchbar, Glen Eden
- Smith and Wong Chinese Takeaway, Massey
- Bread Basket Bakery, Orewa
- Meleina's BBQ, New Lynn
- Wellsford Golf and Squash Club 
- Chinese Claypot Rose, Auckland CBD
- Hum Café, Devonport
- Velvet Burger Federal St, Auckland CBD
- My Kitchen, Auckland CBD 
- Chachi's Green Garden Takeaways, Māngere East
- Talimanao Restaurant & Catering, Ōtara
- Taro Tepanyaki Japanese, Auckland CBD
- Wong Kok Café & Bar, Auckland CBD
- Nick & L's Foodbar, Henderson
- Passion Produce, Hobsonville
- Murder Burger, Ponsonby 
- Premium Seafood & Bulkfood, East Tamaki
- Pioneer Pie Co, Albany
- Wan Fu Yuan, Howick
- Hillsborough Fruit Veges & Groceries, Mt Roskill
- Superfood Market, Auckland CBD
- Fred's Espresso And Soda Bar, Freeman's Bay
- Kingsford Home Bakery & More, Māngere
- Pukapuka Community Centre, Māngere
- Columbia Bakery, Māngere
- Cavendish Drive Meats, Howick
- Mobil, Māngere
- Natural Bakery and Café, Māngere
- Realfresh Seafood Birkenhead (Closed on May 28) 
- Tokyo Bakery, Papatoetoe (closed on June 20)
- Café Torte Deli, Albany (has since improved to a C grade)
- Kabana Indian Cuisine, Hauraki (has since improved to an A grade)
- A Spice Bazaar, Flatbush (has since improved to an A grade)
- Mehfil, Mission Bay (has since improved to an A grade)
- Lula Inn, Auckland CBD (has since improved to an A grade)
- Noodle Canteen Royal Oak (has since improved to an A grade)
- The Shelf, Auckland CBD (has since improved to an A grade)
- Tok Tok, Takapuna (has since improved to an A grade)
- Miss Clawdy, Auckland CBD (has since improved to an A grade)

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