Air New Zealand call out 'racist boomer' in social media post

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Thursday, 28 November 2019, 10:35AM
Photo / Getty Images & Facebook - Air New Zealand

Photo / Getty Images & Facebook - Air New Zealand

A post from an Air New Zealand customer escalated super quickly after Air New Zealand clapped back to her 'racist' response. 

The post started off harmlessly with a woman named "Margaret" asking when the Air New Zealand Koru Lounge would reopen after it was refurbished. 

"When will the refurbished Wellington domestic Koru Club lounge be opened. It's been out of action for months now." Margaret posted on Air New Zealand's Facebook page. 

The airline's social media team responded saying that they were working hard to reopen the lounge.

"Kia ora Margaret, our team are working hard to finish our amazing lounge for customers. We hope to have more information regarding this shortly. ^FC" the reply read. 

Photo / Facebook - Air New Zealand


The post turned a little ugly after Air New Zealand's polite reply, however, with Margaret responding: "Hello FC (I'm not Māori [referring to Air New Zealand saying 'Kia Ora'] any likelihood it will be open by mid-December?" 

Air New Zealand responded: "We do not expect this lounge to be re-opened within 2019, Margaret. However, taihoa koe ka kite all the amazing improvements we have made ^FC", to which Margaret said "Air New Zealand I'm still not Māori. What's the English translation of that?"

Photo / Facebook - Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand doubled down, saying that the lounge would likely be open by 'Kirihimete'.

The passenger clapped back saying: "That would be xmas. A festival that was not part of the maori calendar. I'm pleased they have a (corrupted) english word for it."

Other commenters joined in the comments, calling out Margaret, while others praised Air New Zealand for the way they handled it.

"Imagine if we could clap back like Air NZ," one person said.

Another person commented: "Air New Zealand, after the way you handled this I'm not angry about your new check in rules for domestic flights anymore and all is forgiven. Kai pai!"

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