You won't guess who this Kiwi Hollywood star is!

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Tuesday, 6 November 2018, 6:57PM
Photo / Instagram - @kjapa

Photo / Instagram - @kjapa

This Kiwi star has nailed their school photo, complete with that important blue background - but do you know who it is?

It's none other than Kiwi acting superstar KJ Apa, who uploaded the photo to Instagram today. 

He captioned the image: "The real KJ Apa. Ps: Up the Crown 👑. if you know u know". 

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The caption relates to KJ's primary school, Auckland's Kings College prep boys uniform.

Fans have gone crazy about KJ's childhood pic, with many relating to his teeth: "Bro that was me as well when I was younger I had a big ass gap just like!".

KJ has also posted a crack up transformation picture where his head is photoshopped onto a more recent photo of the Kiwi actor. 

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ffs this is getting out of control

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We love it KJ, so funny!!