Why Rihanna has been slammed as a 'racist' over her Vogue cover

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Thursday, 9 August 2018, 2:05PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Earlier this week Rihanna was published on the cover of Vogue, something that hasn't been done by a black woman before.

As well as celebrating the momentous occasion, fans noticed that something was different...

If you couldn't spot the difference, it's the stars eyebrows which have been penciled.

While not everyone was a fan for the sake of fashion, others were offended by the connotations behind the style.

In this article on Marie Claire, titled: 'I'm Latina, and I Find Rihanna's Skinny Brows Problematic' the author speaks of how Rihanna's 'chola' eyebrows are a polarizing gang affiliation sign.

And she isn't the only one that finds the fashion statement to be a double standard:


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While some find them horrifically offensive, others are more supportive of the star, claiming that thin brows were popularised in the 1920's, a long time before 'cholas' claimed them.

What do you think?