Why is Kylie Jenner drinking tea during this classic drinking game?

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Thursday, 30 November 2017, 4:34PM
Photo / Twitter

Photo / Twitter

Okay, either someone is playing us for fools OR she's really pregnant and can't drink alcohol BECAUSE SHE'S PREGNANT!!!!

Okay, so lets set a scenario here for you, it's Saturday night, the Vodka sodas are starting to fly out and the lit brigade has turned up. One of the squad comes out and asks for a game, and surprise, it's never have I ever! It's a staple drinking game that most play with the squad before a night out.

The evidence placed in front of us, has us suggesting that either Ms. Jenner is playing a game on our emotions OR she's preggas, hence the tea. You're probably wondering what're we talking about? Look for yourself:

Twitter's starting to ask questions now:

Sooo....tea huh?