Watch the terrifying moment a stage invader is tackled by Beyonce's backing dancers

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Monday, 27 August 2018, 9:19AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Beyonce and Jay-Z's latest On The Run concert in Atlanta ended in disarray after a stage invader rushed the couple during the final moments of their set.

The power couple - who have been touring since June - waved their final goodbyes to the packed out crowd at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Saturday, before turning around to make their exit - but were followed out by a stranger from the audience.

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Upon realising that Beyonce, 36, and Jay-Z, 48, was mere inches away from the stage invader, several costumed dancers rushed to apprehend the man, who was tackled to the floor by security.

Audience members filming the final moments caught the incident where an unnamed man - who wore a white shirt and black shorts - wandered onto the stage from the front of the crowd.

Beyonce - who looked ultra glamorous in a billowing tan coat - sauntered off the stage from the back holding her husband's hand.

It wasn't until both stars had left the stage that the stage raider got within inches of seeing them, but was quickly stopped by numerous backing dancers.

Look how easy got that mf on stage and nobody stopped his mayonnaise ass

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The security and costumed dancers appeared to leap on top of the man, stopping him from going any further, and it's not known if anything happened to either star backstage.

MailOnline have contacted representatives for Beyonce and Jay-Z for comment.

The scary incident comes after the Crazy In Love singer nearly took a nasty fall as she lost her footing while descending a steep set of stage stairs in sky-high heels at Nashville's Vanderbilt Stadium on Thursday night.

But rather than disaster, the moment proved just why the singer has been dubbed Queen Bey, as she saved herself with incredible flair.

The blink-and-miss-it moment happened when Beyonce's right foot seemed to slip to the side as she walked.

Not even breaking her stride, the seasoned pro turned the slip-up into a quite fantastic dance move, dropping to the floor to regain her balance before kicking up her left leg in a high kick.

She then carried on her way, without missing a single beat.

It’s called poise, children... #queenbey #otrii #nashville

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The incredible moment was captured on camera by audience members, who shared it to Instagram.

User Mike Dupree shared the footage and wrote: "It's called poise, children... #queenbey #otrii #nashville."

And BenRealVsWorld, who works for Beyonce, captioned his video of the moment: "Beyonce Vs 'The Stairs'.......... Beyonce Wins!"

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