Warrior's Display Random Act of Kindness to Feed Those in Need

Publish Date
Tuesday, 17 May 2016, 2:23PM

Not many people spend their day off giving food and water to strangers.

But that's exactly what Warriors prop James Gavet and his siblings did.

The league player posted a video on Facebook of the trio buying and then delivering healthy parcels to the less fortunate of Auckland.

He posted the video under the heading: "Here's something to hopefully warm your hearts out there. Just some random acts of kindness on our day off."

The video begins with Gavet saying they thought they would "go and bless a few people".

He and his brother and sister then go to the supermarket and buy a large amount of food and water, before making sandwiches from the boot of their car.

They deliver a few parcels to Robertson Lodge Boarding House in Avondale before handing parcels to people on the streets nearby and in the city centre.

The video ends with Gavey saying: "Thank you for watching our video and seeing us doing some of God's work ...

"Be good to people. Go ahead, be good to people."

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