The Rock's hot AF cousin is freaking everyone out!

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Friday, 13 July 2018, 5:14PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

Well, well, well, the good-look genes run strong (pun intended) in The Rocks family!

We never thought that we would say or see this but it turns out Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has a stunt double! And if you're anything like us and struggling to figure out where they could possibly find another big Johnson? Look in the family! 

Ladies and gentlemen (but we're probably thinking more ladies), meet Tanoai Reed, Johnsons cousin who is taking the Internet by storm, not just for being built like a mountain, like his cousin, but also for being sexy AF!

Hawaiian-born Reed, who happens to be the great-nephew of Johnsons grandmother, used his size for a different type of arena, as he was on the American Gladiator or as the Americans call it, The Gladiator (horrible dad joke!).

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Reed had been working as stuntman loooooong before he eventually found himself as the body double to The Rock in 2002 during The Scorpion King, which really turned out to be Johnson's breakout movie. Ever since then, you can guarantee if the films had Dwayne in it, Tanoai is right there with him! Baywatch, Hercules, San Andreas, The Fast and Furious franchise and more, the cuzzy has been right there!

TBT On the set of "Faster" #DoubleTrouble. #UceDeuce

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The talent, looks and built frame doesn't just stop there, it goes all the way down to Reeds wife and son! Tanoai's wife is also a body/stunt double and his son accepted an offer to play for the Virginia Cavaliers.

Well, it's just not fair, they went took all the goods for one family!