Stan Walker is planning to propose to his girlfriend Alex King!

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Sunday, 9 June 2019, 1:56PM
Photo / Instagram - @stanwalker

Photo / Instagram - @stanwalker

After overcoming his battle with stomach cancer, Kiwi musician Stan Walker plans to marry longtime girlfriend Alex King.

The Australian Idol winner told The Daily Telegraph he wants to wed the photographer - who has a five-year-old daughter from a past relationship - and have seven children with her.

28-year-old Walker has also credited King for supporting him through his disease.

"I am on top. I went from absolutely rock bottom, not wanting to sing anymore, unhealthy in every way possible, physically, mentally and spiritually," he told the publication.

The singer has previously opened up about his life-threatening health battles.

His family's genes include an aggressive CDH1 hereditary mutation, which gave him around 80 per cent chance of getting stomach cancer.

The aggressive CDH1 mutation was responsible for his mother's breast cancer and reportedly for the deaths of at least 25 of his family members.

In 2017 doctors found a staggering 13 spots of cancer in his stomach. The whole organ had to go or the cancer would keep on spreading.

He's since had a collapsed lung, his appendix removed and emergency surgery for his gallbladder, among other struggles.

On Mother's Day the singer shared a post on social media dedicated to his girlfriend.

"I fell in love with this hardworking, independent, loving, strong & resilient woman ... She's a super mum ... She is honestly the biggest blessing in my life," he wrote.

"She is everything I have ever needed & more than what I deserve ... What a woman ... What a mother ... Mother's day is every day for you my love ..."

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