Sonny Bill Williams' crack up training routine!

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Thursday, 20 September 2018, 12:13PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Sonny Bill Williams is getting ready to return to the boxing ring and he’s got two little assistants to help him get there.

The All Black star will be taking part in a charity event called ‘Banger in the Hanger’ on December 1.

Having been out of the ring for three years, Sonny Bill has employed the help of two little superstars to help him get fighting fit.

SBW shared a clip of his new training regime on Instagram this morning featuring his daughters Aisha and Inman.

In the spirit of Rocky and featuring the famous theme song, Sonny Bill can be seen squatting and lunging with the kids on his shoulders and doing sit ups while feeding the pair.

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SBW said he’s “fighting for those who happen to be a bit down on their luck and are homeless in Aotearoa and Australia.”

This isn’t the first time the sporting superstar has shown he can juggle fatherhood and training at the same time.

Last month he shared a cute wee clip of him working out on the stationary bike at home with Aisha on his shoulders.

No doubt there’s a more serious training plan in the works but we think this one is pretty adorable. Good luck SWB!

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