SBW breaks stereotype - men can actually multi-task!

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Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 12:49PM

Sonny Bill Williams has disproved the myth that men can’t multi-task – in the cutest way possible.

Clearly a hero at home as well as on the field, SBW has shown he can juggle training and fatherhood at the same time.

I love you son ❤️ little Zaid

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In an Instagram story, the rugby star’s daughter Aisha can be seen climbing all over her dad while he gets in a workout at home on the stationary bike.

“The struggle is real fam,” SBW writes.

Swiftly whipping her up onto his shoulders Aisha seems delighted to be helping with her dad’s workout.

It didn’t seem to slow the All Black down either with Williams writing “Still made your time @nicgill_health_and_performance.”

We’re looking forward to seeing you back in the black jersey soon Sonny Bill!

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