Parris Goebel puts Ciara to the test in hilarious behind the scenes video

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Tuesday, 7 August 2018, 5:16PM
Photo / Youtube

Photo / Youtube

Ciara has shared exclusive, behind the scenes footage of her time training here in New Zealand with our very own queen of dance, Parris Goebel. 

Parris created the video for the pop superstar's hit Level Up, spawning a viral dance challenge thanks to her insane choreography. 

But what some fans may not know is that Ciara flew all the way to New Zealand, just to train with Parris and the Royal Family at the Palace dance studio. 

In a new video posted to Ciara's social media, you can see Parris putting the popstar through her paces, and she doesn't take it easy just cos she's famous either. 

Full props to Ciara though, for keeping up with one of the best dance crews in the world. 

Check out the clip below:




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