Kiwi Stars Reveal Struggles With Meth

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Friday, 11 November 2016, 9:46AM

A host of well-known Kiwis have opened up about their struggles with methamphetamine in an effort to help others overcome their own issues with the drug.

In a new video released today (above), musicians Tiki Taane and Marcus Powell, NZ lightweight Muay Thai champion Miriam Tio and everyday Kiwis William Swift and Tane Dunn all talk about their own experiences with P and the turning points that saved them.

Their stories and others like theirs are all on Youtube, and see the stars confront their demons head on.

Popular musician Tiki Taane broke down during his video, thinking about "the people I've hurt and the friends I've lost", after recalling his journey with drugs which started at the age of 13.

And Kiwi comedian Mike King opened up about his struggle with self-esteem and anxiety and how he escaped those by using alcohol and drugs, and also opened up about a suicide attempt in Hong Kong.

The initiative comes from Community Action Youth And Drugs (CAYAD) as a way of showing young people there are turning points to overcoming addiction.

CAYAD's senior advisor, Kate Duder says: "Someone showing they care about a person is most often a catalyst for users getting help for an alcohol or drug addiction.

"For many of the young people we interviewed, feeling like they didn't have anyone who cared about them led them to care less about themselves, which they felt led to increased alcohol and other drug use."

So the stars' videos have become part of the "Buzzed" social media campaign designed to reach out to young people and their families affected by drug and alcohol harm.


Where to get help


• The Alcohol Drug Helpline: 0800 787 797
• Youthline: Free text 234 or free phone 0800 376633 
• Lifeline: 0800 543 354

And for more information, visit these websites: - Help - About MethamphetamineDrug Foundation - Methamphetamine Help


- NZ Herald