Kiwi singer Maisey Rika speaks out over NZ's 'taken generation'

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Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 8:06PM
Photo / Facebook - Maisey Rika

Photo / Facebook - Maisey Rika

Kiwi singer Maisey Rika has spoken out in support of New Zealand's 'taken generation'. 

The singer took to Facebook to share the story of the 'wāhine toa' who had her child taken from her by Oranga Tamariki, as uncovered by an investigation by Newsroom.

The singer said: "This young mama is a wahine toa and her team are soldiers, so softly spoken you have given a voice to mothers, fathers and children of our stolen generations e hine, you inspire with your great courage, strength and love for your beautiful baby."

She has had a ton of support on her Facebook post, with some people giving her tautoko for her words. One person said: "Beautifully said, May love and light be with this whānau with the hearing coming up . May they stand strong and know we support their battle xx"

Over 150 people have commented on the post since Maisey posted it yesterday.