Kiwi Hollywood star Joe Naufahu has revealed his busy NZ schedule

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Monday, 6 August 2018, 12:19PM
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Photo / Getty Images

It has been a wee while since we have seen Kiwi Game of Thrones actor Joe Naufahu on our screens, and there’s a heartwarming reason why.

The 40-year-old star has been taking a break from acting to put time into his gym, Ludus Magnus, and his young children, Freddy and Eva.

“Right now, what’s important for me is being here at the gym and being close to loved ones,” Naufahu tells Woman’s Day.


“You get older and different things become more important, like being more present in their lives. Eva’s one of the smartest kids – she was top academic in her year and she is very driven and focused. Without the support of good parents being there all the time, kids can be affected, so I just want to be there more.”

Joe spends much of his time close to home in Auckland at his gym and says his kids get stuck into training as well.

“Freddy and Eva have had it thrust upon them at an early age, but it’s not like they have to do it – they just love to come to the gym and jump in.”

“They’ll walk in and start training next to me, the beauty of how we train is that it’s predominately body weight, so it’s safe for all shapes and sizes.”

Good on you Joe! We love how you have balanced fame and fatherhood.

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