Justin Bieber refused to sing 'Despacito' so the crowd threw s*** at him!

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017, 2:05PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

After seeing this video two things can be seen, one, people really love 'Despacito' and two, Justin Bieber's reflexes have increased since the last time he had shit thrown at him.

Like we get it! It's an absolute banger, like if music came in the form of sort of illicit drug, then 'Despacito' is going to be high on the list of addiction. So like anything else people get addicted to, if the goods aren't coming in, then it's time to take action into your own hands.

Fast forward to recently and the Biebs learnt first hand what happens when you don't deliver the goods. 

*Head to the end of the video to see what happens*

'Despacito' has been both a blessing and curse for the man. A curse in the sense that, and you may not have seen it, the Biebs forgot the words to that exact song. Now, judging from the video, it appears he's had fans throw a shoe at him, which is apparently the protocol when an artist doesn't sing the bangers you wanna hear.

Seriously though, might have to do better to try and put out the fire of 'Despacito'.