Julian Savea is doing chores in some weird AF outfits that leave little to the imagination

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 3:48PM
Photo / Twitter - Getty Images

Photo / Twitter - Getty Images

Well, Julian Savea looks good...from what we can see, which is a lot and hellooooooo!

If you follow Julian Savea on social media, then you'll know that he's been a good home hubby for his expecting wife. Maybe he's trying to make things exciting or maybe he just genuinely likes getting into these types of clothes to do the chores, but we ain't complaining...

Okay, in this case, it looks like Julian just refuses to do jobs in normal clothes, which is better than us, we just refuse to do them! Julian doing the gardening in a Black Power Rangers costume and cooking in elf undies and ears would be a fantasy to some! We could only assume from the reactions on the Internet that everyone seems to approve:

Looking at you on the rugby field won't be the same now!