Jimi Jackson: ‘I’m not going to apologise’

Publish Date
Thursday, 19 January 2017, 2:50PM

The Kiwi comedian who posted a photo of himself in ‘blackface’ is refusing to apologise for his actions, which he says were not racist. Launching a scathing attack on New Zealand media, Jimi Jackson posted a video response to the media and fans who have condemned his actions. “First of all, I’m Maori, a white Maori. My dad’s the black one. Maoris I am pretty sure are considered a black race.”

“This photo has nothing to do with blackface. People who know me and are a fan of me will know that as well.”

“S**t I didn’t even know what blackface was until I got accused of being racist towards blackface.”

“The reason why I had my face like this was because I was doing a kapa haka skit for a TV show on Maori TV. So there you go. There’s my response to being racist towards black people.”

“I’m not going to apologise because I have done nothing wrong. If anyone should be apologising it should be the media and the people that accused me of being racist because you made it racist by accusing me of being racist, even though it’s not racist you know.”

Fans of Jackson have commented on his response video:

Leonie Hawtin says “I thought you face planted into a bowl of Nutella.”

Sinead Joseph says: “You shouldn't need to explain yourself. You're all good!!

Kristal Warbrick says: “hardout bro, too many sookies around, Jimi Jackson keep doing ya thing cuz your bloody awesome.