How Kendrick Lamar made a man consume a vinyl record

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017, 8:34AM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

Fans, at times, can truly be the weirdest creatures alive, like actually, once you hear this story you may come to agree.

Unless you were sleeping under-a-rock, then you may know that on Easter Friday Kendrick Lamar dropped arguably one of the hottest albums we may hear this year, DAMN, and the Hip Hop world went crazy! One of Kendrick's crazy fans, however, bit off more than he could chew (pun intended) when he tried to predict something that didn't come true.

There was massive conspiracy theory going around that NATION was going to be released on Sunday, under speculations that he was going to follow the Easter vibe by releasing on on Friday and another on Sunday. It all started with the album cover, where the placement of DAMN apparently looked like devils horns on Kendrick. As far as fan theories go, this is out there, but by the looks of this video, some people will believe it.

Good on this guy for following through with his word, he definitely doesn't recommend doing ever again/ever! However, we appreciate it a lot!

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