Cardi reveals a bit too much information about her 'bits' post-pregnancy

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Thursday, 2 August 2018, 9:27AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker hasn't been able to get frisky between the sheets with her partner since before she gave birth to their daughter Kulture three weeks ago because she's still "healing" from labour, but she's gagging to "ride" his "horse."

Taking to her Twitter account, the 25-year-old rapper uploaded a photograph of the Migos star and wrote: "Hey cowboy ,I want to take a ride on your horse (sic)"

When a fan told her that she's probably still healing from giving birth, Cardi shot back: "3 weeks and 4 days Yes bitch I'm counting, wassup! (sic)"


Prior to going into labour, Cardi had the same problem as she wanted to relieve some tension with the 26-year-old rapper but her baby bump was making her out of breath.

She tweeted: "I wanna have sex but i loose my breath Soo fast (sic)".

She was also having trouble grooming her bits because she couldn't see her vagina.

She initially posted on Twitter: "Sad news: I can't see my vagina anymore."

After discovering her tweet had gained over 230,000 likes from her 3.22 million followers, Cardi posted:"SMH 200K likes on this tweet ? I guess ya love when I'm miserable. You know how hard it is to shave my vagina? literally have to put one leg up in the sink while i look in the mirror facefront . I hate all of yaaa [sic]"

When it was suggested by one of her fans that she could sort out her shaving struggles with a bikini wax, Cardi shot down that tip because she can't handle the pain of the intimate beauty treatment.

She tweeted: "Hell nooooo. I cannot take that pain [sic]"

This article was first published on Bang! Showbiz and is reproduced here with permission.