Billy Ray Cyrus gives Halloween shout out to Kiwi Uni Students

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018, 2:20PM
Photo / Getty Images / Instagram

Photo / Getty Images / Instagram

Achy Breaky singer and father to hit popstar, Miley Cyrus, has given a shout out to three Christchurch Uni students.

Natasha Payne, Grace Thomas, and Harry Poland dressed up as Hannah Montana, Miley Stewart (both played by Miley Cyrus), and Bobby-Ray Stewart (played by Billy-Ray Cyrus) from the popular show, Hannah Montana for a Halloween Party.

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Thomas said they freaked out after waking up to a tag from Billy-Ray Cyrus, who posted three pictures of people who dressed up as him for the holiday on Instagram.

The post said “ Dang Flabbit, A lot of you were me for #Halloween already! Thanks for sharing your costumes, these are amazing!”.

He also tagged Miley Cyrus in the post, which has nearly 13,000 likes on Instagram. 

We're sort of jealous!!