Charlie serenades TLC with a Poly-Reggae version of their smash hit 'Waterfalls'

Publish Date
Friday, 15 December 2023, 4:14PM

TLC joined the Flava Breakfast team on the show so of course Charlie had to (try) serenade them...

Check out his Poly-Reggae version of the classic 'Waterfalls' - " guys can be honest."

What y'all reckon about a Three Houses Down and TLC mashup???



Whilst we had them on the line we also had to get tips from these fashion trendsetters! Who's rockin' some colored overalls this summer? Coz it's been TLC-approved!

Awesome chat with the always beautiful Chilli & T-Boz from TLC. 

Catch TLC at their CRAZYSEXYCOOL Anniversary Tour this February in Aotearoa.

Featuring Busta Rhymes AND En Vogue.

Listen to Flava Breaky's full chat with TLC below!


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