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Thursday, 6 July 2023, 3:26PM

Looking to skyrocket your brand? Flava is the ultimate partner.

With a proven track record, a killer playlist, and some of New Zealand's most recognisable personalities, Flava connects with everyday Kiwi listeners across Aotearoa.

Flava is beats from back in the day, all day, targeting Kiwis 25-44 years old.

The Flava audience are on the cusp of making big life decisions, buying a house and starting a family. Their decisions are made from the heart. They're not flippant about the brands they choose or the people they hang out with.

Appealing to a broad, mainstream audience, Flava is all day music play. It is the right place to reach a target audience who are engage med, particular, passionate and living their best life.

Join forces with Flava and unlock your brand's true potential through the power of radio.
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