The ACTUAL right way to eat Pringles has been revealed

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017, 1:48PM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Pringles are one of those snacks that everyone eats differently.

Some nibble, some crunch and some put two in their mouth to create "duck lips".

But it turns out there is really only one correct way to eat them, according to the brand itself, reports the Daily Mail.

The way you eat them can really affect the flavour, it's been revealed.

It turns out that only one side of a Pringle is covered in seasoning, while the other is left bare.

A Pringles spokesman told The Sun Online: "Many people think that Pringles are seasoned on both sides.

"In fact, only the top side gets a sprinkling of seasoning in the factory.

"When Pringles are stacked in their can, some of the seasoning rubs off onto the next chip, which is why they've always been a little uneven."

So if you do want the most intense flavour hit, you should eat the "top" of the Pringle, meaning flipping the chip upside down before popping it in your mouth.

Of course, if you prefer to not have such an intense hit of flavour when you crunch your Pringles, then it's probably best to turn the crisp over and eat it so the concave side faces up.

While you can still create a duck bill with your potato snacks or nibble away at them like you've always done, you may want to eat them the "right" way from now on to get the maximum flavour from the iconic crisps.

Last year, the snack became the subject of a social media sensation when people challenged each other to make a freestanding ring of Pringles, dubbed the Pringles Ringle, in videos online.

Television screenwriter Jane Espenson, from Los Angeles, was one of the first to post a successful attempt at the Ringle on her Twitter account, and it quickly amassed more than 53,000 shares.

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