McDonald's retro playground for sale on Trade Me

Publish Date
Thursday, 2 February 2017, 5:21PM

Before ball pits and climbing nets and mazes of colourful tube-slides, kids with bellies full of cheeseburgers were spinning out on McDonald's whirling, metal playgrounds.

For most of us, swinging under the arms of a giant Hamburglar or crawling around the innards of a burger jail are memories resigned to our childhoods.

But, thanks to a Trade Me listing selling components of the retro playground, you could relive those glory days - which is not exactly how some commenters seem to recall their time on the restaurant chain's old playgrounds.

Amid excited comments and questions from hopeful bidders, Kiwis have taken to the Q&A section of the listing to share their not-so-fond memories of the retro contraptions.

One Trade Me user wrote: "Is my hair still stuck under the merry-go-round? My head was wedged under there for so long while the children just kept spinning and spinning..."

The seller responded: "If you send me a hair sample, I will see if I can find a match...Cheers."

Another viewer commented: "This is fantastic; however, I'll stay well away from them. I fell from the top of the bigmac and chipped my two front teeth on the merry-go-round. Fond memories."

- NZ Herald