Marquise Jackson fires shade bullets at his father 50 Cent

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 February 2017, 9:16AM

50 Cent is apparently used to being shot at, but we don't think he was ready for these shade bullets, let alone where they came from.


It's no secret that the relationship between 50 Cent and his son Marquis Jackson isn't the greatest. Jackson has inherited more than just his father's looks as the up-and-comer has dropped his first single "Different".


So naturally, the first question to ask would be, would you colab with your father to which he replied:

"I Don't know...his music hasn't been too good lately"


Now the track that the people have been waiting for has dropped and some are calling it a diss track. In the song heraps : 


“I lost my pops, he still alive. Save this for a different song, a different time.”

Check out his track and see what you think.