Americans Have Stolen Our Beloved Fairy Bread and Turned it into Something so Wrong

Publish Date
Friday, 21 October 2016, 1:08PM

So it looks like some Americans have just discovered our wonderful and delicious party favour the fairy bread. A classic birthday party staple full of carbs and sugary hundreds and thousands.

The US site Refinery 29 praised our beloved fairy bread back in June, but more recently Broadsheet stumbled across this article on American food website Epicurious titled "Australia invented the original rainbow food" (umm really?!).

"People from Australia have been down with multicoloured food since forever, thanks to a little treat they call 'fairy bread,'" explains author Katherine Sacks. Also adding that it's called "fairy toast" not fairy bread.. "Despite its striking appearance, in Australia, fairy bread isn't considered fancy food - the toast is usually eaten as breakfast, as a snack in-between meals, or after dinner to finish off the meal," she said.

Annnd then the described how to make it and they were so so wrong..

"To make fairy bread, use a nice cultured butter (even better, make your own) and spread it on thick; about two tablespoons per piece of toast".

We just can't get over the fact that she keeps calling it TOAST, it is not toast god damn. 

"As for the sprinkles, although classic round rainbow sprinkles are traditional for Aussies, I much prefer the texture of sparkly sanding sugar, which makes the treat more like the sugared toast I grew up with".

Please just stop and leave fairy bread to the OG Kiwis.