NZ's own Taika Waititi has sent the world insane and for good reason!

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 8:00PM
Photo / Getty Images - YouTube

Photo / Getty Images - YouTube

There are too many Kiwis out there making us proud and he's already been doing it but here's another reason why we Taika Waititi is an absolute legend!

There are few lucky people out there who have managed gaze their very lucky eyes over the latest Thor movie Thor: Ragnarok and whilst some may have had low expectations for the latest Marvel movie according to the world he's absolute smashed it! Twitter has been giving him nothing but praise for his work and TBH we're hella excited to get watching!

This has absolutely got us fizzing and more so proud of Taika and what he's done! Someone actually said he saved the Thor franchise...theeeee man! You can check out the trailer down below!