WIN: Lunchtime Requests with Pita Pit

Publish Date
Monday, 12 October 2020, 9:00AM

Every lunchtime, Azura has your chance to be hooked up with Pita Pit vouchers! 

Just send her your lunchtime song requests on 0800 4FLAVA or text 8200 for your chance to win. 

One person’s request will get played, and if it’s yours – you’ll win 4x free Pita vouchers for lunch! 


Make sure you try Pita Pit’s new Chicken Teriyaki, now available in a Pita or Salad Bowl filled with your favourite fresh fillings. Order in-store or online. 


Check out the menu here. 

And send Azura your lunchtime requests for your chance to win! 

Thanks to Pita Pit and their new Chicken Teriyaki Pita and Salad Bowl. @pitapitnz #eatyourselfhappy 

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