Publish Date
Friday, 17 September 2021, 6:22PM

Flava's Contactless Cash is hooking you up daily with $200 cash to help you forget this sh*tter of a lockdown!

We can't touch you but we can touch your wallet!

Whether you're the lockdown online shopper or just dreaming of KFC reopening, let us know below what you'd spend $200 on during lockdown and Azura could be calling you at 12pm daily with the hook-ups. 

Flava's Contactless Cash is the easiest way to fill your bank account without leaving your bubble.

Tune in across the country on iHeartRadio or on the frequencies below.

Northland 106FM

Auckland 95.8FM

Rotorua 89.5FM

Dunedin 106.2FM

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