The Wake Up Call 100 Dolla Holla

Publish Date
Friday, 20 April 2018, 8:28AM


Every weekday morning at 7:50am The Wake Up make a call for cash – and they could be calling you!

Register below for your chance to win $100 daily on the Wake Up Call – But you gotta have the phrase that pays!


This week’s phrase: “GIRL I HOPE YOU DON'T MIND A LITTLE BIT - HOLLA FOR A DOLLAR" (In the form of Giddy up - Katchafire)


When we call – You answer the phone with that phrase – animated with energy and win $100 cash instantly!

If you don’t have the phrase that pays or you have no energy – the cash will jackpot!

The 100 Dolla Holla - 7:50am Weekdays with Sela, Pua & Tarsh on The Wake Up Call


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