WATCH: NRL recreate iconic Tina Turner 'Simply the Best' ad

Publish Date
Tuesday, 3 March 2020, 9:15PM

The NRL have brought back Tina Turner and her 1980s banger Simply The Best in their launch campaign for the 2020 season.

Turner's classic song was first used to promote the 1989 season, when the competition was called New South Wales Rugby League Premiership and the likes of the Balmain Tigers, Illawarra Steelers, North Sydney Bears and Western Suburbs Magpies played for the Winfield Cup.

The latest campaign begins with a 'young Cameron Smith' watching the original launch on television. It also features memorable moments of the game including Darren Albert's final minute try that clinched the 1997 grand final for Newcastle, Benji Marshall's flick pass assist in the 2005 final and Jonathan Thurston's golden point drop goal to decide the 2015 title.

There is even a token shot for Warriors fans of their debut season in 1995.

80-year-old Turner doesn't appear in the ad, instead footage is used of her singing at the 1993 grand final. The ad features a 10-year-old Aaliyah McGuinness singing some lines of the song.