Video of 'racist' road rage incident goes viral online

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 12:26PM
Photo / Facebook

Photo / Facebook

A woman is accusing a man of calling her a "black piece of shit" in an ugly tirade of verbal abuse following a road rage incident.

But the man at the centre of it all has denied making the racist comments during a heated roadside argument - and says it was the woman who started the abuse by calling him "white shit".

The video posted to social media shows the woman describing what happened to her yesterday morning in the Bombay Hills, south of Auckland.

The video has gone viral since being posted to Facebook over the weekend, receiving almost half a million views with 439,000 people watching the video. 

"He tried to cut me off, and then he gets out and he starts abusing me.

"First thing he said to me was 'You black piece of f***ing shit'.

"Then I said to him, 'What is your problem?' He said, 'Go and f*** off, you black piece of shit. You stupid woman bitch'.

"I am posting this video whānau because racism is real ... I am cool with being called black, because, yep, I am coloured. But I am proud to be coloured. But you do not whakaiti [belittle] my tūpuna mana."

The man told the New Zealand Herald he did not call her "a black piece of shit".

"I said nothing racist. It was a simple case of road rage and taken out of context."

He said the woman had pulled out in front of him on the road, he had swerved to avoid her and an accident.

"She then blasted the horn, stopped her car right in the middle of traffic and started abusing me, calling me 'white shit', and saying, 'You are all the same'.

"Her comments were designed to promote a racial argument."

He said he managed to drive away and continued on to his work site some 7km away.

She followed him, and filmed him as he was coming out to his ute to grab some tools.

"Haven't you got a job?" the man can be heard saying in the video.

"Piece of shit. Low life scum you are. Absolute dopey bitch."

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