Tiki Taane calls out Bathurst social media post that 'normalises rape culture'

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019, 7:14PM

Warning: Distressing content about sexual violence.

Kiwi singer Tiki Taane has slammed a post on social media that he believes normalises rape culture.

An Australian car fan page shared a photo of a woman sitting on a chair with her legs, hands and mouth strapped up along with the caption "It's Bathurst Day!!".

In the post, which has since been taken down, the woman is seen sitting in a lounge with the motorsport race playing on the television.

An Australian car fan page shared a photo of a woman sitting on a chair with her legs, hands and mouth strapped up along with the caption

Photo / Facebook 


The post was shared by Muay Thai coach, personal trainer and public speaker Richie Hardcore on Instagram, who blasted it for generating "gross comments" including "some about rape".

"We have a global problem of sexual and family violence that stems from deep inequality between men and women and endemic sexism," Hardcore wrote.

"Tens of thousands of people think violence against women is something to laugh at.

"Scroll through the pictures and read the gross comments, some about rape.

"My brothers, please, can I encourage you to think about how you would feel if this was your daughter.

"Reflect in New Zealand there's a call to the cops every 4 minutes for a family violence related incident, and globally, 1 in 3 women will be a victim of family or sexual violence in their lifetime.

"That's simply not something to ever laugh about. When you encounter sh** like this, don't laugh about it, talk about it, and talk about the message it's sending. It's not ok."

Taane supported Hardcore's message on his Instagram story, sharing a photo of his post thanking him for spreading the word.

"Too many [people believe] those kinds of posts are 'funny' or 'just having a laugh mate', but it's actually teaching our young men a behaviour that isn't acceptable or healthy," the singer explained.

"I have loved ones who have been raped and suffered a great deal of trauma from sexual abuse.

"Post like the one I've just shared are normalising rape culture."

Taane also shared the comments that were left on the original post including:

"Why are her legs taped together? There are safety car periods" and "I'd have her tied up a different kind of way lol you know like a useable kind of way lol."

Tiki Taane also shared the comments that were left on the original post. Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Taane told the Herald that after sharing his story, some of his followers who, at first, didn't see anything wrong with the photo told him they could see how it promotes rape culture.

Police harm-reduction manager Inspector Fleur de Bes earlier told the Herald that family violence was a "significant" issue for all New Zealanders.

"With police attending one family violence episode every four minutes - based on 2018 figures, this means that it is likely that someone you know will be affected," she said.

Police also revealed that one-third of all those investigations occurred in the Auckland region.

"Family harm, of which family violence is a subset, is a far-reaching social issue in New Zealand," a police spokesperson said, adding police are committed to reducing the prevalence and impact on families, including but not limited to domestic violence.

"We have dedicated staff who, in partnership, provide specialist services to support victims and offenders alike, with the goal to break the cycle of harm in our highest-risk communities."

Family violence statistics in NZ

• In 2018, police conducted 133,022 investigation's into family harm.

• Of those, 37,599 offences were established, 19,801 people arrests and 16,254 prosecuted.

• In 2017 121,762 investigations led to 39,690 offences being identified, 21,606 arrests and 16,863 prosecutions.

If you're in danger NOW:

• Phone the police on 111 or ask neighbours of friends to ring for you;
• Run outside and head for where there are other people;
• Scream for help so that your neighbours can hear you;
• Take the children with you;
• Don't stop to get anything else;
• If you are being abused, remember it's not your fault. Violence is never okay.

Where to go for help or more information:

• Women's Refuge: Free national crisisline operates 24/7 - 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843 www.womensrefuge.org.nz
• Shine, free national helpline 9am- 11pm every day - 0508 744 633 www.2shine.org.nz
• It's Not Ok: Information line 0800 456 450 www.areyouok.org.nz
• Shakti: Providing specialist cultural services for African, Asian and Middle Eastern women and their children. Crisisline 24/7 0800 742 584
• Ministry of Justice: www.justice.govt.nz/family-justice/domestic-violence
• National Network of Stopping Violence: www.nnsvs.org.nz
• White Ribbon: Aiming to eliminate men's violence towards women, focusing this year on sexual violence and the issue of consent. www.whiteribbon.org.nz

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