This Kiwi cover of Shallow will make you speechless!

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Thursday, 7 March 2019, 10:21AM
Photo / Facebook - Aotearoa's Most Talented

Photo / Facebook - Aotearoa's Most Talented

A couple of impressive Kiwi singers will make you speechless with their cover of Shallow, originally sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on their latest movie "A Star is Born". 

Singers Viliami & Felisita perform their version of the hit track from the Grammy-nominated movie were shared in the video to social media last night. 

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The video of the pair was shared to Facebook on video page "Aotearoa's Most Talented" and has since gone viral. The post already has more than 250 comments and has been viewed nearly 40,000 times since it was uploaded last night. 

Video / Aotearoa's Most Talented

Fans on the post can't get enough with many saying that they want more. One person said: "Leave us all hanging with just that. Full version please 😍 lol". 

And it looks like Viliami & Felisita could be giving the OGs Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper a run for their money with one person saying "sounds so much better than the Lady Gaga one!". 

We're impressed!!