These photos pretty much confirm the death of one of our favourite Riverdale stars

Publish Date
Thursday, 17 May 2018, 11:36AM

PLEASE!! This cannot be true!

If you don't want SPOILERS don't read any further. And if you haven't yet watched the most recent episode released on Thursday also stop now!

We hate to bring you the sad, sad news that one of the main Riverdale cast members appears to meet their fate in the season finale of Riverdale. 

Obviously, we saw in the semi-finale that Jughead was beaten to a pulp, resulting in FP Jones carries Jughead’s lifeless body out of the woods to his friends. 

There was hope that Jughead wasn't killed during the beating, but then this photo started going viral: 

Then there’s also this:


All is going to be revealed in this weeks episode and we cannot wait!!

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