The best foods to eat that will get rid of your hangover

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Sunday, 17 December 2017, 1:22PM
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It's a Sunday afternoon.

You've just rolled out of bed at midday after crashing at 4am.

You feel like a husk of your former self.

If you find yourself in this position a fair bit you may think that you've got the answer to get rid of that god-forsaken hangover very easily.

Woah back on the maccas mish for now though, you've got some learning to do.


Start out what's left of the day right with a nice bowl of porridge instead of the hair of the dog.

Porridge will provide sustenance and get you through the day, while more alcohol will just dehydrate you.


If you can't stomach porridge, a nice smoothie with berries and other nutritious & delicious ingredients with have you feeling tip top in no time.


It kind of goes without saying, but if you're still hungry after that nutritious breakfast then reach for some fresh fruit, it will fill you up while rehydrating you.


For lunch you should go for a nice soup paired with some toast.

Ideally it will be vegetable soup due to the rehydration properties of water, and the nutrients that come with the veges.


If you're still hungover by the time dinner comes around, you're a lost cause.

But seriously, you should finish the day off strong with a stir fry of some sort.

Make sure there are a lot of veges in there, and try to swap out white rice for wholegrain rice - again nutrients!

If you managed to follow these steps then you're a great New Zealander!

Most of us would've probably called it at the porridge and decided to get Uber Eats.