*SPOILER* The Bachelor NZ Final: Who Did Moses Choose?

Publish Date
Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 9:58PM

And just like that The Bachelor NZ has come to an end, with the final rose going to... Annie!

Late to the party as an intruder, but not wasting any time, Annie's chemistry with Moses was evident from day one. She was the first to lock lips, and proved that her connection was the strongest of them all. Taking home the final rose and finding her fairy-tale ending.

During the final episode, Moses said, "I knew you were going to be someone special, and when I saw you dance, the glow around you... I thought to myself this is one of the reasons why I'm here."

Annie replied, "You helped me, you brought that out of me, I haven't danced like that in a really long time."



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